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Saudi Investment Group & Marketing Co.Ltd (sigmac)
Vision: We would like to be pioneers in the field of Urban Transportation and main line.
Mission: To strive for excellence and keep innovating with the Operations & Maintenance solutions thereby satisfying our clients and end users.

For the last 15 years, SIGMAC has been engaged into providing Operations and Maintenance services in Industrial, Construction and Metro Railway segments.

Al Mashaaer Railway Project-Makkah


SIGMAC provides preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance services. The services cover administrative and technical staffing, training and management, supply of spare parts, their repair, overhaul and doing all the maintenance of track works, signaling etc.

SIGMAC provides the services all along the railways lines, stations and in a fully equipped one square kilometer maintenance and administrative facilities site in Makkah.

SIGMAC provides around 1000 staff during the Hajj operation period and 300 to 400 staff for the rest of the year.

SIGMAC provides Muslim qualified train operators from Malaysia and China.

Project Brief:

The total length of the line is 18.06 Km, including the Entrance & Exit Line Section

Total Nine Stations including eight Elevated  stations and one ground station

One Depot, one integrated maintenance center, one operation control center.

Two main sub-stations

Al – Saria Telecommunication Co. Ltd. ( SARIA)

SARIA and Belal Co., in partnership with Nokia Finland International B.V., established Nokia Al-Saudia Ltd., to provide telecommunication equipment and consulting services and GSM line installations to the local main contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Now both SARIA and Belal Co. are negotiating with Nokia Siemens Network (NSN) (one of the largest telecommunication equipment supplier in the world) to transform Nokia Al-Saudia from a resource provider to a telecommunication service provider. Soon a new Shareholders Agreement will be signed among the parties to effect the transformation which will make Nokia Al-Saudia one of the leading Telecom companies in the Kingdom.

SARIA’S main business activities include dealing in the wholesale and retail of equipment and apparatus relating to communication. SARIA has entered into a Joint Venture with Nokia Finland International B.V., and holds 48% share in Nokia Al Saudia Co. Ltd.Which has been providing telecommunication equipment commissioning and consulting services to the Main Contractor for the telecommunication projects and GSM lines installation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as has undertaken several projects in the field of telecommunication network development and maintenance.

Dynarabia Company Ltd. (DYNARABIA)
Starting as a joint venture with Dyna Electron (a US Company), it is one of the old and reputed contracting companies of the Kingdom and has executed numerous prestigious projects and contracts worth over SR.Three Billion. Its business activities include providing management and technical services and training support services to government, industries and commercial organizations throughout Saudi Arabia. It is involved in the operation, maintenance and repair services for electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, telecommunications, electronic systems, water and sewerage utilities and facilities, maintenance of cities and towns, maintenance of plant and equipment, provision of logistic support services, management of procurement activities and warehousing facilities; turnkey hospital management services and airports operation services. Dynarabia is a joint venture company with Dyna Electron Co., USA. The Group has shareholding with other partners holding the balance equity.
Belal Co. Ltd.
Belal Co. Ltd. is one of the oldest companies of the Group which had participated in many joint ventures with international multinationals. It had executed several multi million Riyals infrastructure projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In partnership with Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) Holdings Singapore, Belal Co. Ltd. established NSN Al-Saudia Ltd., to provide telecommunication services to the local main telecom service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The Joint Venture has agreed to transform NSN Al-Saudia from a resource provider to a full telecommunication service provider which will make NSN Al-Saudia one of the leading Telecom Services Providers in the Kingdom.

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